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No checking account or credit check required! No monthly maintenance fees1! Four easy ways to reload, including adding cash2 at participating Western Union® Agent locations across the U.S.! See how easy it is to get connected!
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Connecting you with your money is easy. Fill out the online form, receive your card, and activate it. See how
easy it is to get connected with a
Western Union® ConnectNetwork
Prepaid MasterCard® offered by ConnectNetwork™.
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Convinced that a Western Union® ConnectNetwork Prepaid MasterCard® is right for you? Then wait no longer. Request a card today and get connected!
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Western Union ConnectNetwork Debit Card
ConnectNetwork™ offers the Western Union® ConnectNetwork Prepaid MasterCard®, a card that makes managing your money easy. Advanced features like SMS3 text notifications when your card account reaches a preset limit or SMS3 text balance notifications with each purchase to allow you to manage your money with confidence. Sign up for your
Western Union® ConnectNetwork Prepaid MasterCard® for FREE1 and start managing your money!

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ConnectNetwork™ is a brand unlike any other. We are highly experienced professionals within the telecommunication, financial services, and inmate services sectors. ConnectNetwork™ has an extended system of partnerships that allows us to bring to you a unique blend of products and services that will help connect you to both your finances and your loved ones. Over the next few months, ConnectNetwork™ will be launching new products that were designed specifically to benefit you!

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